Who is the Adam Center:

We are an organization that provides men, ages 18 and older, a free, confidential place to build trust, be heard and heal. The Adam Center is intentionally designed to create an environment where non-judgmental listening, sharing, encouragement and prayer support take place.

"We've Been There"

Our national motto says it well, 'Each of us has learned many life lessons'. We have a wealth of information and experience to share. We have been hurt, often beyond repair, or so we thought. Because of the grace of God and the support of others, our lives have been changed. Now it is time to walk with other men who have “been where we were".

Why Does the Adam Center Exist?

For far too long it has always been thought that men can do it all. We exist because men do need men. In many senses this may be true. But because of the way man was created, we are still relational human beings and men have been helping other men for centuries. There are many false notions about man and the way society believes they should behave. "I am tough", "Men don't cry" and many others have stereotyped men.

There has been no better time then now to realize that men are created equal and all have the same potentials, promises, rewards and that men can be successful at what it is they are created to do and be.

How does the Adam Center Help Men:

We accomplish this through peer to peer male counselors, facilitators and administrative volunteers that have experiences the same need for another man to come along side and walk parts of the journey that the man coming for counseling is walking at that moment in his life.

  1. Peer counseling: One to one sessions with a trained volunteer peer to peer counselor

  2. Study groups:Topics that impact men from every day life to single life changing events.

  3. Seminars: These medium size gatherings are designed with today's men in mind and addressing topics that can and sometimes do affect men in their families life, work life and social life.

  4. Resources: geared toward men's healthy minds, bodies, strengths and hearts.